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For more information about specific topics such as Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence and Internet Safety, use the drop down menu at the top. This site provides limited information about domestic and sexual violence in order to offer a baseline understanding of what this violence and abuse may look like in an individual’s lived experience. It is not meant to cover all of the issues we address or the entire needs of the reader.

MCADSV and Our Philosophy

MCADSV is a statewide, membership-based, anti-violence, nonprofit organization operating in Helena, Montana.

We are a coalition of individuals and organizations working together to uproot violence and oppression in order to end domestic and sexual violence in Montana.

Violence and oppression are conditions that we believe must be uprooted in order to end domestic and sexual violence. White supremacy, patriarchy, homophobia, colonialism and dominance must be addressed if we hope to end violence and abuse against all people.

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MCADSV does not provide direct services. If you are in immediate danger,
call 911 and ask for emergency assistance. Otherwise, please contact your local
program to learn about their services.