Our team

Currently, there are four paid staff members who work for MCADSV. They can be reached by email (just click on their name) or by calling the MCADSV office at (406) 443-7794. 

We are seeking to find additional team members who are interested in contributing to our success. Please click here for further information. 


Director of Social Change & Resilience



Administrative Director



Administrative Coordinator



Executive Director


Board of Directors

MCADSV is a membership-driven organization and our Board of Directors is elected by the membership annually. In order to be on MCADSV’s Board, you must be a current paid member. 

We seek like-minded people who want to join us as a member, board member or on staff. Please consider getting involved and joining our efforts. 

We are incredibly grateful to the following members who currently serve on MCADSV’s Board of Directors.

  • Ashlee Owens, Co-Chair A
  • Amy Meyer, Co-Chair B
  • Beth McCoy, Treasurer
  • Kate Croft, Secretary
  • Erica Coyle
  • Kim McKelvey
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